“What To Look For When Buying A Travel Backpack?"

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Travel Backpack

To Look For When Buying a Travel Backpack?


In the modern world, there are many options for backpacks for travel. You can get a casual tote or a backpack. However, this article has a particular focus: what you should look at when buying a backpack for travel

Check The Zips

Zips are the lifeline of any good luggage. Without them, your luggage would be hard to open and close when they get dirty,  get caught in the rain, or when you need to access your bag quickly.  Zips are one area where backpack makers cut corners to save money. They are usually skinny, so they can break if not handled carefully. Getting a solid zip is essential for travel backpacks; I have met people who had zips break on their bags, which resulted in all their clothes being lost or stolen!  Moreover, you can attach small video recording devices with your bag to prevent things from getting lost for more safety.

Check The Straps And Handles

Another place where quality can be shoddy is the shoulder straps and handles, but manufacturers do it on purpose because the lightest option usually means cheaper materials/design. A good pair of shoulder straps should have excellent padding breathable fabric, and they should not dig into your skin too much at all; there should also be an adjustable chest strap so that you can tighten up the bag snugly around your waist - this will distribute the weight evenly across both your shoulders and stop you from developing back problems.  

Check The Material It's Made From

Your travel backpack should be made from a high-quality material that is lightweight and durable, and it should also allow air to circulate and not retain too much heat because this will mean your clothes/towels won't smell as bad! Or worst-case scenario, you could get food poisoning if they get hot enough!  There are lots of different materials used for making bags. Still, the top ones include High-Quality Nylon (Polyamide) - Very Lightweight Spun Polyester (Dacron / Trevira CS) - Excellent strength & durability Rubberised Nylon (Vinyl) - waterproof Fabric or Denier - very strong and durable, but not as comfortable.

Check How Many Pockets It Has

A good travel backpack should have many pockets inside and out to keep your things organized. Typically there will be an internal zipped pocket which is great for small valuables like wallets and phones, then one or two water bottle side pockets (if your bag doesn't come with these, it's probably not the right bag for you). The main compartment usually opens up like a book and has a divider in the middle so you can separate wet clothes from dry ones! And finally, some compression strap on each side of the pack to keep everything tightly packed together while traveling.    

How It Stands Up On Its Own

When you put your travel backpack down on the flat ground, it should stand up by itself with little or no support from you. Also, make sure it doesn't fall over when fully open! Any good travel bag will have some internal frame to keep everything sturdy and secure while moving around. These can either be made from metal or plastic depending on how much flex they need to be able to take (a metal-framed bag with heavy contents won't bend/flex as a plastic one will)

Make Sure The Hip Belt Fits You If It Has One

A hip belt will help distribute the weight around your waist and lower back, so if your backpack has one, make sure it fits comfortably and tightly - you don't want something that wobbles about all over the place.  

Also, make sure that the hip belt fits you snugly without restricting your breathing. If you find yourself having to suck in your stomach to check it over your hips, then it's too small and should be exchanged for a bigger size or different model of bag. Manufacturers' specs will usually state how big/small the hip belt will go before purchasing, so don't worry about asking them for help if you're not entirely sure what size belt to order!

Hip belts are brilliant for distributing weight evenly when walking long distances with heavy loads in hot/humid weather. Don't forget to try this out with any pack you are thinking about buying before deciding not to purchase one with a hip belt included.

Make Sure The Sternum Strap Fits You

This strap goes across your chest and is connected to the shoulder straps at each end - it supports all the weight of the bag by pulling down on the shoulder straps stops them from sliding off your shoulders. The sternum strap itself should be adjustable to set it to the appropriate height for your chest size, just like a waist belt. It will ensure that all weight is being distributed evenly and comfortably.  

Wrapping Up!

So there you have it, things to consider when buying a travel backpack!

All these features may seem like a lot to take in and think about at first, but once you start looking for them during your research process, it will be so much fun and exciting because you'll know that the right bag is out there waiting for you.


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